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I spent a whirlwind two days in beautiful San Francisco surrounded by like-minded spirits. It was like summer camp with purposeful mom bosses who had come together to meet and share themselves.

Usually an introvert, I found myself uncharacteristically introducing myself to everyone I encountered because I knew there were 300+ attendees who were full of generosity and good vibes. I was a sponge, there to absorb every ounce of it. There was a special connectivity, magic dust in the air created by Katie Hintz-Zambrano, founder of In Good Company @beingoodcompany and co-founder at Mother Magazine @mothermag.

In this journal entry, I would like to share with you words and thoughts taken from my notes. Know that endless advice + little and big words of wisdom were spoken; however, this is what stood out to me that day.

Show up. Be consistent. Look Forward. Follow your own path and stop looking at other people around you.
— Clare Vivier @clarevivier
Make Connections. Create connections.
— Elle Rowley @sollybabywrap
Identify and manage your stress.
— Amanda Chantal Bacon @moonjuiceshop
Be more direct with your sales pitch.
— Joy Cho @ohjoy
Go at your own pace. Relax and take it easy.
— Alex Elle @alex_elle
Make sure your own voice comes through. Go back to basics. No one knows you more than you. Share yourself.
— Laura Miller @imlauramiller
I knew instinctively what was right and people took me seriously because I was confident. Creativity and business are not exclusive.
— Anna Wallack @misha_and_puff
Be brave. Find it in my spirit.
— Ingrid Carney @ingridandisabel
If we’re honest then there can be a path forward.
— Hilary Dessouky @patagonia
Don’t be polite. Stop apologizing for who you are and the choices you make or want to make.
— Elisabeth Pruitt @lizprueitt_tartine
Create a community to care for each other. Surround yourself with people who are like-minded and warm.
— Latham Thomas @glowmaven

Friday night as I was flying over San Francisco heading east to Chicago, I was overcome with peace, community and connection. This event was exactly what this mom boss needed to refuel to move forward. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

My intent is to come back to this journal entry periodically to reconnect with the wisdom shared there. I hope you do, too. 


P.S. Want another shot of inspiration from the conference? Read this article from a little publication called Vogue, https://www.vogue.com/article/in-good-company-conference