Kate Lewis

an artist in pursuit of beauty and optimism


Morning Walk Find Series

In the fall of 2018 I found myself being called to go on long walks through my neighborhood. I am grateful to live in the East Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago which is full of interesting buildings, expansive parks and, most importantly to me, Lake Michigan. Having this ocean-like body of water to visit gives me energy. As I began walking, I started to post pictures on my Instagram stories of little things that caught my eye while outside — a flower, the lake’s waves, the lines of a building, etc. After a few weeks of this, I decided to give a go at not only taking photos and videos of these things but also painting and drawing them in a small sketchbook. Below are a selection of my favorite photos and sketches.

You can read more about this series in this journal post. If you’re inclined to see more, my ongoing Morning Walk Find posts can be found on Instagram with hashtag #morningwalkfindsketch.



Paint My Nook Series

In the fall of 2017, my art practice had me dive deep into connection with my Instagram followers and their cherished spaces through my Paint My Nook series. I invited people to post photos of places that resonated with them and tell me why. I looked beyond the actual image submitted. I was not looking for perfectly decorated spaces. Rather, I sought REAL life nooks. I collected those images of places and things that matter to everyday people, illustrated them on two different canvases, shared my painting with others through Instagram and then released one of my interpretations of that space back into the life of the original owner as a gift to her. 

In the images below, you will see the painting created and the description of the space submitted by an Instagram follower. 


This is the view from my couch from my second-story apartment my senior year of college. That’s my poster collection I had accumulated over my years there (I went to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn with my family, got the Lion King poster when I went on a school trip to study theatre in New York City over winter break one year) and the sketches I collected from friends and local artists (if you look closely, the sketch in the lower left hand corner is of a woman with tattoos drawn by a friend from high school, the one with the bare tree is from a local artist in Hot Springs, AR.) I loved my little living room because senior year is when I had really solidified a lot of very good friendships and we would meet here and talk at the end of the day. - Sloane Zimmerman @sloanez from Arkansas


My favorite nook is my baker’s rack located in my laundry room. The rack itself was a gift to me by my late husband almost 30 years ago. It collects my favorite and most cherished tools such as my grandmother's rolling pin, a teapot purchased on a European trip, a collection of crocheted, embroidered and quilted kitchen linens from my daughter and daughters-in-law, favorite recipes and cookbooks, etc. It's also my work center where I sprout, juice, knead, roll out pastry and chop vegetables. This area comforts me. -Julie Tarsha @julietarsha_art from Arizona


This is one of my favorite places in my house. The cupboard is currently in my bedroom, housing quilts, blankets and the like. This toile covered chair which sits in my front hallway belonged to my grandmother. I remember it in grandmother's living room for years and when we went to visit I always sat there to read, first the biographies of American heros. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I read stories about George Washington, Johnny Appleseed and people like them. Later when I was older I read Charles Dickins. When My grandmother died my mother saw to it that I got this chair and I still sit in it to read. Now I am a grandmother and my hope is that someday Charlie or Etta or Penelope will sit there and read like I did. It is always good to have a comfortable spot to read! -Jane Coultas @janecoultas_ from Illinois


First of all, I love all the happy color in my room. I've been color coding my books for years and the bookcase was something I refinished myself. I'm an artist, too, and those paintings are all my work. But my ultimate favorite is the large painting of the woman and horse. That's my beautiful mother! I was afraid the painting was too large to fit on that wall, but I love it there. It makes such an impact. Also, everything in my room is thrifted or handmade. I bought the chair at a garage sale for $15! The bookcase was left in the garage from the former owners of our house. I bought the gold chandelier at a thrift store for 10 bucks! -Loralee @loraleefineart from Utah


I have bits of things that look put together amongst my mess! I love the collected look. Some of these books are old, some are new. There are classics, romance & non fiction. If you look closely, my random decorations are in theme with the books they are with 😊 -Barbie Everett @theclosethippo from Oregon


This is the entry in our home and a snapshot of some of the things I love most - I upholstered the walls in one of my very favorite fabrics (Peter Dunham Fig Leaf) and try to keep fresh flowers in a blue and white ginger jar from my collection. I'm always so happy being welcomed home by this space. -Lindsay Speace @lindsaysspeace from North Carolina


This was from Thanksgiving last year. It was from my family's first holiday in a new house/state, but also the first holiday after my mom died. Also, my first hosting gig. So, I was emotional and nervous and excited all at once. My mom was both a great baker and a talented florist, so I went all out on the desserts and insisted on flowers on the table (even though I should've left room for more food). It was a good day, despite feeling her absence. -Anna Crain @casadelacrain from Maryland


My favorite cozy reading space.... right under one of Allen's guitars surrounded by windows with huge beautiful trees waving from outside. -Holly Hester @hollyfhester from Tennessee


I wanted to submit a picture from my late sister’s condo. My sister loved her condo so much and took so much pride in the space she created. It was a warm, inviting and cozy space that always smelled delicious and felt safe. I spent many evenings with her enjoying the city sounds from her balcony, curled up on the couch together listening to music, or lounging in the vintage chairs she had in the corner while drinking wine, listening to music, and reading a good book. In the summer of 2016 my sister was killed in a motorcycle accident and since then much of her belongings have made their way into my home. But I'll always remember fondly the time we spent with her stuff in her space. While her furniture may be with me now, it'll always belong in that condo in my memory. -Jaclyn Kuffel @jaclyn.k.j and @honeyguideholistics from Canada


This is a chair I have had for about ten years. It's the best for reading books in. The things I really love, though, are the yellow pitcher and the quilt. The yellow pitcher is from my paternal grandfather's house. It was that and four cereal bowls in green and I've collected a whole dish set. The quilt was found at my maternal grandmother's and my mom replaced the threadbare pieces and the back. I know most people would hang it up, but it is the most comfortable blanket. When I feel sick or sad, I almost feel the comfort of generations of women. Cheesy? Quite possibly. But I love it. -Alicia Weeber @weebs321 from Georgia, now living in Korea