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As you remember from my artist's residency journal entry, I’m moving beyond the glossy magazine images for inspiration for my paintings and have been seeking a deeper connection in my art. Here’s where you come in. In the spirit of utilizing the nifty world of social media, I'm starting an Instagram giveaway series of paintings based on your submissions*. 

Here's how the giveaways will work:

Tag a picture or pictures (the more the merrier) on Instagram of your favorite nook in your home. Describe what you love about that image. I'm looking for cozy spaces, chairs, patterns, flowers, books- all the things I love to paint. 

    •    Tag your picture* on Instagram with #katelewisartpaintmynook and @katelewisart

    •    Each Friday I will select an image to use as inspiration for my next painting

    •    I will mail you the painting as a thank you for kickstarting this new series of work!

Post your favorite nook: The cozy spot where you’re able to relax. The bouquet of fresh flowers you just picked from your yard (or your neighbor's yard). A table with your go-to books. The kitchen table set for a family meal. The piece of furniture you snagged at the flea market or inherited from your grandmother. The quilt or rug who's pattern you can’t get enough of. I’m looking for images that resonate with you.

I truly appreciate your partnership and can't wait to see what you post :)

Warmest regards,


*Kate reserves the right to use the images submitted as inspiration for a work or works in the future of which Kate Lewis Art will retain full ownership and copyright.