Kate Lewis

an artist in pursuit of beauty and optimism

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will you have new work available and can you let me know?

The best way to find out when new work will be available is by following me on Instagram @katelewisart. I post regularly what I'm working on in the studio. If you see a particular painting that you love on Instagram, but is not yet listed in my shop, please email kate@katelewisart.com for size and pricing information. Also, subscribe below to my email mailing list. You'll be sure and catch the big news that way. 

Do you offer your work wholesale to stores and/or interior designers? 

Yes! Please email kate@katelewisart.com for information.  

Describe your process as a painter: What inspires you? How do you conceptualize a painting? What gets you motivated? 

I am an image hoarder. I have notebooks and notebooks full of images covering every page. I started keeping my images this way over 10 years ago. I am always sourcing paintings- people’s outfits, plants, interiors, table settings and window displays are all great sources of inspiration. Often there is one image that kick-starts the painting and gets me to a canvas. However, working with the kiddos around and in small increments of time means I work when I’m “motivated” and even when I’m not because I know I have a 4 hour, 2 hour or 10 minute window to work and I better do it! Motivation/inspiration isn’t always present. My greatest motivation is: the kids are with a sitter, at school, asleep, with their dad, etc. so I better hop to it before I miss my opportunity to paint!

What do you do when you have 'artist block?' 

I have learned to no longer criticize myself for having a ‘block’. My thinking is- I know something spectacular is on the other side. I don’t view them as blocks but rather as simmer-time. I imagine that an idea/painting is cooking and needs to stay on the stove a little longer before it’s ready, and I don’t know how long. As an artist who has 4 young children, there have been many, many months of simmering because of pregnancies, newborns, sleep deprivation, summer breaks, etc. I have come to accept those breaks or 'artist blocks' as part of my journey as an artist. 

How does being an artist assist your parenting?

As an artist, I approach my paintings as a process. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish with the work- to be beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. As I’m working on the painting, I’ve learned to work through the ugly transitions as I keep my intentions in the forefront of my mind. In a similar way, I have specific intentions in my parenting- to raise loving, mindful and giving children. Some days my parenting practices don’t always lead to Sadie, Eli, Knox and Cooper fulfilling my intention. However, I continue to move forward trusting that I am helping them to become who they are meant to be.

In the end, I have faith that each movement of the paint brush and each color decision I make will lead to a successful painting. In a similar way, I trust that each parenting decision I/my husband and I make will lead to loving, mindful and giving children. Often, I have to let go of the original image in my head of what I intended the painting to look like because on canvas it is evolving into something else. Often, it is something even better than I had imagined and sometimes it’s just plain different. And, with my children, I often have to let go of what I initially intended whether it be how far apart they are in age or something as silly as what they choose to wear that day.

My approach as an artist is organic. I give myself the freedom to explore and discover my work each time I’m in the studio. As a parent, my job is to teach them to live and learn through their own discoveries. I find I can facilitate this best by providing fun environments for them to play and be creative in. My studio and their play-space is one example (i love an indoor swing or two or three). As an artist, I encourage and hold sacred creative play for them. I feel it’s my responsibility, especially in the age of technology at their fingertips, to fight for imaginative, inspired and unstructured play everyday.

What do you want people to know about your art?

It's about being curious. Cherished spaces and objects and all that they encompass are at the heart of my work. Being a mother of four young children and being connected to all aspects of domesticity has had me dive deep into how we experience our environments and how that affects us. I am exploring what spaces and objects matter to people and why.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Note that any taxes or duties due upon delivery are the responsibility of the purchaser.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Because of the nature of the artwork, there are no refunds or exchanges once purchased. Kate Lewis is not responsible for variances and differences in colors as a result of lighting in photos, monitors, or any other reason.